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May 12, 2012 Super Shoot Needs

Sponsors to underwrite the the top prize at a fun shoot held after the main event. We are undecided at this point whether we will go with a Henry Golden Boy .17HMR or a Youth model with large loop lever.

Sponsors For Ammo, so that we can supply the shells for each shooter with their registration. We are hoping for 150 shooters this year, which would be 600 boxes of shells. At an estimated $8/box, that's $4,800.00.

Sponsors For Targets. Our greatest expense is, of course, the cost of targets. $7,500.00 will cover that expense, and therefore greatly increase our net profit, going directly to the Trust at Children's Hospital at Providence!

Sponsors for Breakfast and Lunch. We also like to offer a gourmet breakfast and luncheon at the shoot. The cost of breakfast is about $12/person, which would be a sponsorship of between $500-$900 (not all shooters come in early for breakfast). Luncheon is about $15/person, so that sponsorship would be $2,250.00.

Sponsors For Youth Teams: This year’s shoot is a Registered 100-Bird Walkthrough. So, sponsors for youth teams is for five shooters for $500.00. We will include the youth’s ammo for an additional $200.

Station Sponsors are $100/each, for an 8 1/2"x11" poster with your company name/logo acknowledging sponsorship for that station. There will be between 12-15 stations for the main event.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these sponsorship opportunities.
100% of the proceeds of our fundraisers stay right here in Alaska to help Alaska's children.
Thank you for your kind consideration.

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